Weekends Are Not for Healthy Cooking

I am trying so hard to be healthy.  We try to cook most of our meals at home and have more vegetables than carbs or meats.  I've tried to almost completely eliminate processed foods and refined sugars.  But seriously, on the weekend, I just can't do it.  Especially today, I worked (on a holiday no less) and everyone was eating junk all day.  The nurses ordered Chinese food for lunch, then another group ate Chinese food for dinner, then I went to start an IV in a patient's room and their family was eating Chinese.  Yeah right was I going to come home and fix some healthy raw veggie meal.  I came home and said "forget our budget and the food in the fridge, I want Chinese food even if we go broke buying it."  So much for those two apples, homemade granola bar and veggie soup I ate.  I just negated it all with some General Tso's Chicken.

And this is how I became overweight.  How do we get past this way of thinking?  How do we look forward to a nice big bowl of salad?  How can I get past those comfort foods and squelch the cravings and desires inside?  What makes us think that the weekend is for not caring about anything, jobs, diets, worries, chores?  I think we all just need some days of rest.  When we are too extreme we overdo it and need to give ourselves a break.  Tomorrow, it's back to the veggies for me. No more slacking, both in the home and with my diet.   I can do this and I WILL...... at least until my next weekend off.....


  1. I just had three pieces of Halloween candy today. Baby steps.

  2. Oh don't worry, Munchkie only got a few pieces of candy that I vehemently told people not to give her, and then ate it all when I got home. Ugh!

  3. If you think you can't have it, you want it more, so just say you can have it, in small doses once in a while and it won't seem so forbidden and enticing.

    Also, i have made general Tso at home, you can coat the chicken with a healthy crunchy topping of fiber one cereal and bake it, then make your own general tso sauce and control how much sugar is in it and how much is on the chicken! Eat with broccoli and/or brown rice!