Oh the Relief

What a huge sigh of relief I let out tonight.  We have finished our Christmas presents and are almost finished wrapping them all.  Oh what a labor of love this has been.  We came up with our ideas at the beginning of the year and began working on them slowly.  Once I decided it was time to crack down and get going on them I realized I might have bit off more than I could chew.  But each time I was about to give up I just kept thinking, we have worked too hard on this to give up now.  I was bound and determined to make this project a success.  I never thought I would spend every free moment working on this, however it was thousands of hours (maybe a slight exaggeration) well spent.

I am very glad that instead of buying random things, we have put together something with meaning.  While a homemade gift may not be the favorite gift of the year, I had a lot of fun creating them.  You can't say that there wasn't thought, time and effort put into it when it's homemade.  I cannot wait until Munchkie is old enough to understand what we are doing.  While she minimally contributed this year, I hope that we can continue to make Christmas gifts together.  I hope that she learns the importance of thoughtfully creating something for others.  I hope that she won't be concerned with what she wants, but what she can do for others.

It's always great to have your Christmas shopping finished, you can let out a huge breath.  Once you know that everyone is taken care of and you haven't forgotten anyone you, can really enjoy good times with family and friends celebrating the holiday season.  I can let out a huge breath because not only am I finished, I never had to wait in a line.   


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  1. T think you have a great idea. I know that the joy you have had in doing this labor of love has meant as much to you as the receiver of your gifts. These gifts give both ways. Amanda you are a wonderful writer and I think you should consider writing for a newspaper.