Moms are great!

I'm finally off of work for a few days after working several days in a row.  Mimi (my mom) came on Tuesday which was night 4 out of 5.  What an amazing person Mimi is.  The first morning (after getting home at 2am) I heard Munchkie cry and jumped out of bed to grab her before she woke Mimi up (it's a slumber party in Munchkie's room).  I found Mimi was already up and changing Munchkie's diaper. She doesn't stop there.  My laundry was folded, and she apologized for not knowing where the cleaning supplies were.  Munchkie's Daddy always says, "you know you think you're doing good until Mimi comes, and then you realize what doing good really is."  It's like you can let out this big sigh and know that for just a few days, there's someone taking care of you.

Besides entertaining Munchkie, encouraging learning, cleaning around the house and whipping the dogs into shape, Mimi also babysits Munchkie so we can go out on a much needed date.  I think the last time that Munchkie's Daddy and I went out just the two of us was our anniversary.  In May.  Needless to say we are very excited, and appreciative of this opportunity to spend some quality time together.

Mother are really the most amazing thing ever, besides giving you life, they keep your life together.  I can only hope and pray that I can be a fraction of the amazing person Mimi is.

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  1. I agree, Moms are awesome!! I would be lost without mine too!!! :)