Tears Fall

Tears fall today for another precious child taken to Heaven.  Who knew that such a small body with such a short life could change hearts and lives.  Although we think this life was taken too soon, there are no more owies, no more tubes, no more wires, no more sleepless nights, and no more crying.  How wonderful to have a perfect body, pain free, and to be able to do the things you could never do.  Heaven is a better place for you, precious little baby, but earth is a much sadder place now that you're gone.

Please keep in your thoughts and prayers the parents whose children are taken from them to dance with the angels in heaven.

These are the parts of my job that I don't love.


  1. Praying with tears!

  2. So I'm reading this on Saturday morning, crying my eyes out. I can't imagine doing what you do, but then that's why you are so good at what you do. Because you are so special with those little ones. Thanks for the reminder of what other families may be going through. Love you all.

    Munchkie's Grandad