So I was checking something online and saw something funny with my paycheck recently.  Then I realized that I had an extra check in my bank account.  What?!?!  I looked it up and it was the completion to my sign on bonus, that I had completely forgotten about (a lot has happened in the last 2 years, remembering something like this just isn't possible).

What an amazing thing to happen!

So, the question is, what does a mom do with basically an extra paycheck?  Well this mom immediately had plans for it.  Since Munchkie's Daddy went back to work this week I had planned on getting some frozen dinners together for easy access on those nights when we both are working.  Immediately I thought "Yes!  now we can afford meat!"

First we went on a "date" to the nicer Whole Foods.  I have never spent that much at a grocery store before.  At least not that I can remember.  I bought 40 chicken breasts, 12 pork chops, a 4 pound pork tenderloin, scallops, and a pound of ground buffalo.  I also got all kinds of produce, cheeses, beans, bulk items like lentils and some baking items.  We filled the entire shopping cart including the shelf under the basket and Munchkie's Daddy ended up carrying some stuff up to the register for us.  I was so excited as I placed each item on the conveyor belt and when the total came up, it wasn't even close to the number in my head that I would not go past.  That is what happens when you look for the deals!     

The next thing a mom like me gets is something she's had her eyes on for a while.  I have been wanting to get a Brita filtration system that attaches to the kitchen sink faucet.  Besides the fact that even after going through the Brita pitcher our water still tasted like chemicals I HATED using tap water for cooking.  So I went to my favorite store, Target, and got the filtration system.  Let me just tell you, I am already so glad we got it.  I immediately installed it myself, filled the Brita pitcher and then put water in a water bottle.  Probably the most water tasting water I've had in a while. 

Of course the last item I wanted to get was something purely for me.  I have had my eye on this necklace for months.  I keep returning to the website and looking it up.  I hinted to Munchkie's Daddy that he could get it for me if he wanted.  So I decided that I totally deserved it!  I worked hard for that sign on bonus and I should be able to get something from it besides just meat and water.  I went online and bought the necklace, which is definitely by far the most expensive nonessential and frivolous item I have bought for myself in years.  I cannot even wait for it to come.  I think I will be checking online daily to see when it is finished and shipped.

I, of course had it personalized with my two loves' names.  Can't wait to show it off!

Then of course after this last debit from our account, the provider mom kicked in and made sure the rest of the money will be added to our savings account to help build up that nest egg.  I have to be responsible sometime!

I am going to go to bed a happy Munchkie's Mama!  There is food in my fridge and freezer, filtered water coming out of my tap and a beautifully personalized necklace getting mailed to me soon!   Life is so good!

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