It's true, I really am a Mom

Today I was heading to the store and had to run another errand which took me in a different way than I usually go.  I drove by this natural foods store that had been recommended so I thought I would stop in.

I walked in and looked right, then left for the grocery carts.  I spotted these frames that you put the grocery baskets in and that's it.  A couple years ago I would be annoyed that the baskets were small, but now I'm wondering where am I supposed to put my child?  So Munchkie had to walk along with me holding my hand.

The next thing I noticed was that the aisles were very narrow.  For most people they would be frustrated that the aisles are narrow because that means difficulty maneuvering the cart.  However I learned that when the aisles are narrow, this means an 18-month-old can very easily grab things off of the shelves.  So I walked around the store measuring it up, scoping out their inventory and prices while constantly saying "No touching" "No put that back" "Mommy said no touching" "No no no" "Stay here with Mommy."  Yikes!  I have become the mothers I always felt sorry for and prayed "please God don't let me turn into them!"

Another observation I made was how colorful food packaging is.  It is very attractive to a young child, even when the contents are wheat berries.  My very observant toddler kept saying "Oh!", pointing and telling me what she recognized (dogs, apples, flowers, yummies).  These food industry people really know how to market!  When you are determining which fight is worth fighting for, you end up with things like $1.29 gluten free honey oatmeal animal cookies because there are "yi-yons raaaaar" (lions rooooar) on them in bright colors so that you don't have to buy the $4.99/lb tomatoes.

By the time we got to the cash register, I was exhausted from using one hand to control Munchkie, the other to hold the very few items I was purchasing while trying to protect the shelved items and prevent near catastrophe from occurring in the grocery store.  So I just couldn't handle saying "No" one more time while trying to pay, put my items in a bag and get out of the store.  I sure hope those check out line cookies were the battle worth loosing. 

Who am I and what have I become?  I guess it's true, I really am a Mom.

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