I love love love Fall!

I never would say that fall was my favorite season, in fact, I would say winter was my favorite season.  I always loved the beautiful snowflakes, sweaters and hot cocoa.  However, since our move to the east coast, I am in love with fall.  I just cannot get over the incredible colors.  Each fall makes me love it even more.  The colors are so brillant and so incredible that it almost takes my breath away.  I love each drive even if it's a simple trip because the leaves, mums and pumpkins make my heart warm. 

I decided to get into the mood and braved the crawl space yesterday to dig out our fall decorations.  Munchkie oooh over each item I pulled out and got so excited to help me decorate.  She loves the squirrel, scarecrows and variety of pumpkins.  I caught her several times climbing up on our dining room chairs to get the "umpkies" from the centerpiece.  

I am going to have to watch her closer with the leaves that I strategically placed over a bookshelf.  Those actually are within an 18 month old's reach.  I decided to brave the 18 month old's curious fingers and be festive so I will have to take it all in stride and not get upset when things get "rearranged."

Then today we went to get our pumpkins and I loved watching Munchkie run up and down the pumpkins.  She was so excited to see all of the "Umpkies" that she couldn't stop running.  She was filled with awe and excitement over each pumpkin, hale bale and scarecrow.   The colors, the chilly air, and the laughter sealed the deal I really do love fall.

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