Converse Wearing Mom

Today I was at Target and I looked around to the other moms who were there with their kids.  I saw their cute Coach shoes, trendy clothes and perfectly styled hair.  Then I looked at myself, my hair pulled back, pink sweatshirt, jeans and purple Converse shoes, however I did wash my face before leaving the house.

How do these moms do it?  How do they keep themselves put together? I looked at my friends' moms growing up and they seemed to be that trendy, stylish mom and I always wanted to be that mom.  I thought my mom was so old fashioned with her thousands of turtlenecks, jumpers and seasonal sweaters.  Now I've become a 2010 version of her.  Hoodies and Tshirts.  Ugh!

What am I doing wrong?  How can I be put together and stylish on a tight budget?  Is that the key?  No budget?  Do they not sleep?  Is there a perfect mommy pill that I never knew about?

I guess for now I'll work on wearing something besides a tshirt and pray that Munchkie won't care what I look like when she gets older.  Haha!

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