Dance Party!

I love it when we have spontaneous dance parties in the living room.  We love the music options with our satellite dish and for most of the day we have music playing on our TV.  Munchkie loves to dance and so when we put on a music style that is good for dancing we end up having whole family dance parties.  So fun!  Munchkie has some moves!

From there Munchkie's Daddy went upstairs and got out his electric guitar.  He was playing and Munchkie was dancing all around.  She was jumping around and swinging those hips like a dancing pro!
Then Munchkie's Daddy showed her how to use the pick so she could make music too.  She was so excited she could hardly sit still to play the guitar.

Then once we were finished playing guitar, we went back downstairs.  While Munchkie's Daddy was getting a bath ready Munchkie and I were waltzing.  She was laughing hysterically which of course made me laugh as well.
This is what makes being a mom amazing.  These incredible moments where you can forget all of your worries to just play and laugh.  To see your child dancing around and wanting to hug and kiss you totally makes your night.  It's incredible to see how much she is growing and changing each day.  Who cares what happened today, I have an amazing family and we know how to have fun!

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