The cool thing to do when you have a blog is to have giveaways.  I have entered countless giveaways on the blogs I follow and have, sadly, never won anything. Since holidays are for great deals, and I am close to having 2,000 hits on my blog (wow!) I thought I would try out a giveaway on my blog, even though it's not a cool new product.

I had talked earlier about how we made our Christmas presents this year and how much work it had been.  We had made extras because we didn't want to run out after all of the work we had put into them.
I bet you're wondering what exactly are these presents? A cookbook, pure homemade vanilla, a small utensil set (our favorite, we have about 4 sets of these), and all of this is wrapped in a dish towel.
We compiled our favorite recipes from all different sources into a cookbook for our friends and families.  The recipes came from scribbles on scrap papers in a folder, cookbooks, internet searches and our families.  We enjoy cooking and wanted to pass along some tasty recipes to others.
 The recipes are divided into nine different sections including Breakfast, Breadmaker Breads, Soup, Starters and Snacks, Sauces, Sides, Entree, Dessert and Beyond Food.  There are also occasional color photos of the items taken by us.  The recipes range from an amazing blueberry muffin to stinky shoe solution. 
 We also made homemade vanilla.  Many kinds of vanilla have additives, including the dreaded high fructose corn syrup, and aren't really pure vanilla.  Don't worry I opened, scraped and sliced the vanilla beans myself.  This is pure vanilla.  I actually haven't baked since it was finished brewing in my cabinet, but I hear it is very good.

So, I am going to offer two of these to two people who read my blog.  I don't have any neat computer program that will randomly select a winner, so I will have to do it the old-fashioned-pick-a-name-out-of-a-hat way.  In order to enter this giveaway leave a comment here on my blog with your email address. To have a second entry, become a follower of this blog and leave a comment saying that you are a follower. I will put all of the email addresses into a hat and draw from there. 

This giveaway will end Wednesday January 19th at 8:00am.  (Mostly because that's when I'll get home from work to see who entered.)  If you are a winner, I will email you and ask for your mailing address.

Good luck!


  1. This all looks so amazing! I want to enter and I'm following you (in a non-creeper way of course1!). =) My email is x

  2. You inspire me :) Seriously, Eric and I just talked this weekend about the whole "getting rid of paper towels" thing! Anyway -

  3. Ooh, ooh! I'll play. I've been enjoying reading your blog posts!

  4. oh Amanda...i've been keeping up with your blog since you started it...and i absolutely love it!!
    i'm so impressed with you and your family too...
    my bf and i are already trying out ur "no paper towel" method : )
    newho, although we've lost touch a bit...i still keep up with you through your blog
    an amazing woman you've become honey

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  6. What a GREAT idea to give away your amazing homemade Christmas presents!! Please enter me! And I love that I get a second entry cause I'm a follower! I LOVE following your blog--and it's really actually the only one I follow :)

  7. Your AMAZING!! What a creative gift. I just love it! Keep up the good work!!! I hope I win!

  8. Oh, I'll totally enter, been enjoying reading these stories. been following you quite a while...