Where oh where has my hair gone???

I have always had ridiculously thick hair.  So much hair that every single stylist who has cut my hair makes comments and I have to request more time for my appointments.  On my honeymoon I chopped 11+ inches off my hair and the poor girl in the hotel who cut my hair took over 2 hours to cut, thin and style my hair.  I have tried all kinds of products, straightners, blowdryers, brushes and tricks to make my hair smooth, straight and not so big.   
Holy big hair! And I thought this was a tamed down day!
Lately I have noticed a huge difference in my hair.  At first I was pretty happy that my hair was becoming thinner.  That's what I have spent years of my life trying to obtain.  I started loosing it some after Munchkie was born, but only slightly more than usual.  However, the last several months it has become scary.  When I wash my hair, I literally have hand fulls of hair on my hands.  I have to pull the hair from my hands several times just to be able to shampoo my hair.  I cleaned my shower drain out last week (and by I, I mean Munchkie's Daddy because I gag and can't do it myself) and today when I was showering, by the end, there were several inches of water in the tub.  My shower drain is already clogged up again.  After one week.

I wore my hair in a pony tail yesterday for the first time in a while and noticed how small my ponytail was.  It was only a couple years ago that I would go through several hair bands just trying to pull my hair back.  My hair would be so thick that they would just snap, sometimes at random times throughout the day.  Now my ponytail is about a third of what it used to be.
I'm starting to get pretty nervous now.  Why is my hair falling out?  Does stress cause this?  Is it a delayed response to having a baby?  Is it because my hair is also turning ridiculously gray as well?  Am I going to have no hair soon?

I know this is a very superficial and vain thing to be concerned about, but I am nervous that hair doesn't just fall out for no reason.  Because I believe that every aspect of our bodies are intertwined and what we put in our bodies greatly affects even the smallest things, I am concerned that there is something causing my recent hair loss.  I just don't know what it is.

I need to do some research, but I'm nervous to even type the words into Google for fear of all the ridiculous results and "treatments" I will get.  I hope that I can figure something out soon, before I have no hair left.

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