Elmo Visits the White House Kitchen

We loooooove Elmo in our house. We also love healthy food. When Munchkie's Daddy came across this video, it was the perfect way to advertise to our family about the changes in school lunches. I hope that the meals displayed are actual meals going to be served in cafeterias.

I remember growing up in public school my mom would pack us a lunch almost every day. We were allowed to pick 4 meals a month to buy a school lunch. I also remember how I would get so excited to be cool like everyone else, but then the food would be so gross! Mushy, soggy, greasy and I don't think there was ever a full meal that I actually ate. Isn't that sad? The only "good" things were baked goods (cookies, cakes, etc) and the fried foods. I hope that with melons, peppers and apple slices kids will start to be able to understand what real food is like.

I thought that I would have this as a post to the good things to come in 2011. Hopefully it just gets better from here!

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