It's amazing how everything you do is a lesson when you have kids.  Cutting up an apple for Munchkie I say "this apple is red, how many pieces do you want?  1, 2, 3,4,...."  Putting on clothes is a lesson in colors, driving down the street you count the cars, etc.  After doing this for months, you just wait and hope that what you are doing actually helps.  So when a couple weeks ago when I went to get Munchkie out of her crib in the morning and she pointed to my shirt and said "Pink!"  I literally almost started crying.  I got so excited and said "Yes! Yes! That's right!  Good Job Munchkie!" and she started pointing out all the colors she could see.  Probably to get more praise, but still.
Ever since then if she focuses and doesn't goof off she knows most of her colors.  At least the basic ones.  It was like she woke up that day and decided that she wanted to know her colors.  At first she would point and say the color as a question, but now she says each one with confidence.  It's truly amazing to me and I ask her all the time what color different things are.  Now when we are riding in the car she's say "lellow!" and I'll have to look all over to see where she's pointing. 
It makes me feel like maybe I am doing something right.  Just maybe.  She hasn't hit anyone at daycare (that I know of), she mostly knows her colors, she can count to 3 (sometimes 4 if she feels like it) and she knows the alphabet to D.  I'm really proud of her and hope that I can continue do something right.

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