Nakey Baby

I'm not in the best of moods this morning.  Not a lot has gone right in the last week or so.

First my computer died last week.  You press the power button and the power button lights up for 3 seconds, nothing happens and then the light goes off.  Cool.  For someone with a computer/internet addiction, this has been difficult to say the least. 

Then just two days later I woke up, went downstairs, turned the water on to brush my teeth.  A trickle came out and then nothing.  After multiple times turning all of the different faucets on and off, I realized that it was true, we had no water.  This continued for four days.  Four days without running water.  Nothing like no running water for you to realize that constant internet access is not a basic necessity of life.  Running water however, is.  At least there was a lot of snow outside, we melted snow on the stove in our lobster pot and then used that to flush the toilet, give the dogs water, etc. I decided that simple living is not all that it is cracked up to be, at least not for me.  I enjoy taking a shower, having clean clothes and washing my dishes in a dishwasher.  The return of running water after literally shocking the frozen pipe with a pipe defibrillator was a very happy day.
Today another disastrous thing happened in our life.  I actually think I might rank it almost as high as having no running water.  This is how I was greeted with this sunny Monday morning.

I heard Munchkie awake and calling out so I went into her room. (Background: Because we are not morning people, we have been getting out of bed, handing her a couple books, and going back into our nice warm bed.  She has enjoyed this, reading quietly in her crib for sometimes over an hour.  In fact, the mornings that we have to go somewhere she is usually crying for books as we are getting her ready.)  I hadn't put my glasses on and so couldn't actually see anything.  I walked into her room, grabbed a few books, and turned around to hand them to Munchkie.  In my extremely blurred vision I could tell something wasn't right.  I said "this cannot be happening" and ran into my room to get my glasses.  Munchkie Daddy said "what is going on?"  I replied, "I need my glasses because I don't believe what I think I just saw." 

After rushing back into Munchkie's room I realized that the terrible image I had barely seen was even worse with clear vision.

Munchkie had unzipped and pulled off her pajamas.  She was then working on her diaper and it was only attached on one side.  Apparently this morning Munchkie woke up and decided that she knew how to use a zipper and remove clothes.  How can this be happening to us?

I then was in the kitchen making some breakfast when Munchkie came walking into the kitchen, pjs off to her ankles and dragging behind her.  Diaper off and in her hand.  Unbelievable.  She did this yet another time, this time walking around with nothing but the rice paper liner from her cloth diaper stuck to her leg before I took the nakey baby upstairs and got her dressed for the day. 

What are we going to do now?  I am so fearful that we are now going to wake up to a complete mess every morning.  Because Munchkie's Daddy doesn't like buttons, almost every single pair of pajamas are zippered.  That way it's easier for Munchkie's Daddy to put on, and now easier for Munchkie to pull off.  Fantastic.


  1. OMG. That Munchkie is a little pistol! How fast is she growing up!!!

  2. By the way, it's Sandi. I always post anonymously for some reason.