Pulling my hair out!

Me: Munchkie what is this?
Munchkie: Bim bim (Big Bird)
Me: No that is crayon on the wall, that is not ok.
Munchkie: Bim Bim color
Me: You cannot color Big Bird on the wall.  It's not ok to color on walls.  Only on papers.
Munchkie: Color Bim Bim (knodding head).
Me: You can color Big Bird on paper.  Not on walls.  You cannot do this.
Munchkie: Color Bim Bim paper knodding head)
Me: Yes you can only color Big Bird on paper.

It is incredibly difficult to discipline your child when they are so excited that they drew Big Bird.  Munchkie was so proud of herself and her artwork.  She was so adament that it was Big Bird that I could hardly keep a straight face.  Thank goodness for Magic Erasers!

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  1. I am in love with her. Totally hysterical. That's an excellent bimbim.