A Merry Christmas with my Family

I had some time this afternoon to myself while Munchkie was crashed in her pack n play and everyone else was busy trying out their new Christmas toys.  Since all I wanted was a pair of nice, comfortable boots, there wasn't much fiddling around that I could do.  I do intend on going downstairs and lazily flipping through the stack of magazines in a little bit while drinking a cup of coffee, but for now, I will write.  Since I haven't been doing well at keeping up with my blog, I figured two in one day wouldn't be to bad.

I love Christmas.  I love the excitement of waking up and knowing that it's Christmas.  I love watching as everyone opens their presents in excitement and anticipation.  I love the yummy food (especially the desserts, which is my huge problem).  I love that for one day out of the year, family is the absolute important thing. 

This morning when we realized that there really was no putting Munchkie back to sleep I was so excited that it was Christmas I asked her if she wanted to come cuddle with us in bed.  She was so excited and said "Yes! Yes!"  As she laid there snuggled in between us I felt truly blessed for my little family.  Although we don't have much, we have each other, and that really is the best gift you can have.  I loved those moments before she got too antsy to sit still, when she laid there with us giggling and giving kisses.

Then the present opening began.  Although she really doesn't understand Christmas quite yet, she loves getting caught up in the excitement.  Of course several times she got so caught up in the great toy she had just opened, that the toy had to be hidden to convince her to open another present. 

And of course she was still opening presents long past the time when everyone else had run out.  By the time the presents were finished being opened, Munckie didn't even know where to begin in playing with her new things.  I am a mean mom and said that if it had more than 2 parts that didn't go into a container, it was not being opened until we get home.  Never fear, there are still plenty of entertaining things that fit that category.

After practicing some Zumba with Munchkie's Aunt I saw that she was getting pretty tired and asked if it was naptime yet.  Surprisingly there was no fight.  Munchkie was so exhausted that she said "Nigh nigh?  yes!  Nigh! Nigh!" and ran to the stairs.  Hopefully after many hours of naptime the fun and excitement of Christmas can continue. 

I love today.  I love my family and I love how exciting this day is.  I hope that you have had a wonderful day filled with such love and excitement that you crash into the most peaceful sleep imaginable.  Merry Christmas!


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