Great Invention for the Busy Mom!

I am posting another post for today because I love love love these.  I know they are not very organic or green, and probably have a lot of chemicals in them.  I really love to have painted nails but have been smudging, scratching, and smearing my nails for the past couple years.  These are perfect for anyone who can't sit still long enough to paint their nails and let the polish fully dry.  No mess, no smudging, and quick.  It's also way cheaper than a manicure, I found mine on clearance at Walgreens  for under $3 and bought every one they had.  I also put them on in the ca,r in the middle of the night by the light of the glove box.  They lasted 2 weeks after that.  They actually hadn't chipped at all, I took the polish off because it had grown out so much it annoyed me.  I suggest trying them out.   

Check out to see all the possibilities.

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