Picture with Santa = Disaster

We went to the mall today to visit Santa.  Munchkie was so excited.  She can point out Santa anywhere and everywhere.  We went to the Macy's bathroom and changed into her Christmas dress.  She was chatting about Santa the whole time.  She kept saying "ritty ress Santa." Which means "I'm wearing a pretty dress for Santa."  She was pointing out the balls and snow in Macy's and then we saw Santa.  She was excited, saying "Hi Santa!" There was only one family in front of us and so this was perfect, fast and low stress.  The two little girls were placed on Santa's lap and with Munchkie watching, the youngest looked up at Santa and then began to cry.  As the little girl became increasingly more distressed Munchkie's eyes got bigger and bigger.  She moved to Chris's leg, held onto his pants and slowly began to back up as she continued to stare at the little girl.  Next it was our turn.

Munchkie's Daddy took Munchkie's up and she clung to him.  We tried to get her to warm up to Santa by giving high fives, getting a candy cane,  trying to show Santa a favorite book.  Nothing worked and when we tried to place her on Santa's lap she wouldn't let go of Munchkie's Daddy's shirt.  When we tried to pry her off she began to near hysterically cry.  Definitely not worth it.

We went to walk around the mall for a couple minutes to see if she would warm up later.  We walked down one section, and when we turned around to go back she wouldn't move and actually clung to a nearby object.  We tried to tell her that we had to go that way to leave and she would have none of it.  I had to pick her up and carry her, screaming, back to Macy's where our car was parked. 

On our way out, we happily waved "bye bye" to Santa.  Munchkie then said "Bye Bye Santa" the whole way home.  I said "Munchkie would you consider sitting on Santa's lap for a picture another day?" She replied very adamantly "NO!"

At dinner tonight we put her requested pasta on a Christmas plate.  She ate a couple pieces and then saw Santa on the bottom of the plate.  She said "Santa!" so Munchkie's Daddy pushed the pasta to the side of the plate to fully expose Santa.  After acknowledging that it was Santa, Munchkie pushed the pasta over Santa's face and stated "All done." 

Hopefully this isn't a permanent scar.  Munchkie's Daddy says we need to find some other Christmas figure to get yearly pictures taken with. 

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