Making Huge Strides

Oh my goodness, I can't even believe how crazy busy we have been!  When I saw how long it's been since I've posted I couldn't even believe it, I thought it was the day before yesterday.  We are planning a trip to Canada to see Munchkie's Daddy's family for his grandparents 55th wedding anniversary.  It was a pretty last minute trip, so we have been rushing around trying to get everything planned and prepared.  I had to beg several people to switch with me at work so I could have this time off, and beggers can't be choosers, so needless to say, I'm exhausted. 

In the middle of all of that, we realized that since we would be flying for the first time, Munchkie actually needed a passport.  Well that made for a fun trip to the passport agency this past Monday.  Amazingly it only took an hour in the actual passport agency.  The drive however was a different story.  Several hours in a car was not how I like to spend quality time with Munchkie.  I can only listen to "Mr. Sun Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me!"  so many times.  Every time we get into the car, she starts saying "sun? sun?" until we turn on the Little People Go to the Beach CD. 

Munchkie is so strong willed and independent and is becoming more so each day.  This morning we dropped Munchkie's Daddy off at work after picking me up from work and took her to the babysitter.  Instead of her usual crying and clinging to me, she demanded to "Galk" or walk by herself to the door.  After climbing the stairs to the front door, the babysitter came downstairs to get Munchkie and she just walked right on in.  Said "Bye Bye Mama!" and didn't even look back.  The babysitter and I looked at each other and shrugged in surprise.  I crouched down and said "Munchkie give Mommy a kiss!" and she turned around to come give me a kiss, but turned right around to start climbing the stairs to their apartment.  What huge strides she has made in getting dropped off at the babysitters!  I'm amazed by her growing independence and at the same time feel twinges of heartbreak that she's no longer my little baby anymore.  She's a "little person" now and lets us know it all the time. 

Who is it harder for to drop Munchkie off at the babysitters? Me? or her?  Today, definitely me.  I will have to work on this.

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