1,000 page views!

I worked last night and am working again tonight, but just happened to check my blog and saw that there were exactly 1,000 page views.  Wow!  I started writing because I'm addicted to reading blogs and wanted an outlet to share as well.  I really enjoy blogspot because there is a Stats section that tells you all about your page views.  I know that there are have been page views in Canada, the United Kingdom, Denmark, South Africa, and Russia.  Pretty amazing isn't it?  Both that there have been international views and that I can know this.

As I sit in my horrid blue scrubs typing this Munchkie and Munchkie's Daddy are playing in the lliving room and the giggles are too much for me to take.  Munchkie keeps running to me to "protect" her from the Saur-Saur (dinosaur) that is coming to get her.  I love her giggles and it does not make me motivated at all to go into work. I wish that I could just stay here and induce Munchkie giggles all night.  I realize though that I need to go to work so that Munchkie has a living room to giggle in. Apparently this is what life is about, doing things we don't necessarily like because we have to.

I enjoy that I have somewhere to write out my thoughts and how my day is going.  I like to talk about Munchkie and I think that there are actually people who like to read about our lives.  Thank you to all of my blog readers who have looked at my page and added to those 1,000 page views.  I will continue to write about my life as Munchkie Mama, Munchkie's Daddy's wife and a nurse and I hope you continue to read.  Have a wonderful day!

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