One Hour of Sun

Yesterday I took advantage of the one hour of sunlight that was usable for making tea.  I used the blackberry tea for the first time and just opening the bag it smelled delicious.  Munchkie saw me smelling it and wanted to smell it too.  She said "mmmm nummy!" I did let her have a few sips of the finished product, even though it is loaded with caffeine, which she really liked.

Blackberry Black Tea
6 Black tea bags
9 teaspoons of loose blackberry tea, divided into three tea filters
~ 1 gallon cold water
1/3 cup honey

To make, add the water and tea in a glass jug (about one tea bag per cup of water) and set out in the sun for about an hour.  If you leave it too long, it could become bitter, but I should have left mine out longer, it probably wasn't quite as sunny or warm as it should have been.  Once it is brewed, pull the tea bags out of the water and add the honey.  Mix well and refrigerate.  Serve over ice.  Delicious!

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  1. All your tea making inspired me to re-purpose a glass juice jar into a summer sun tea jar. The tea turned out great. Thanks for inspiring it! Takes like my mom used to make, bring me back to being a kid.