Search For the Perfect Ice Tea Jug

As soon as the weather starts to warm up we immediately start making some ice tea.  It's our staple in the summer.  We don't usually buy drinks like juices, etc so our fridge usually only has the option of water or milk in it.  We can also offer you coffee or tea if you decide to come visit.  The summer however brings choices.  We constantly have ice tea because it is the perfect compliment to any meal.  There are also so many options for variation. You can go straight black, green, herbal, fruity, spiced, or combinations. Then there's unsweetened, slightly sweet, sweet or even southern style sweet.
 I started making ice tea after we got back from our anniversary trip and was fired up for summer to come.  Our trusty ice tea maker had served it's purpose for many years and so I started a hunt for something else to use.  I found a smaller jug and although it was plastic (something I try to eliminate) I read it thoroughly and it had all of the positives I look for, BPA free, dishwasher safe, etc.  I made the first batch of tea, let it sit on the counter cooling for a while mixed in the honey and then poured it into the tea jug.  I walked into another room  and when I came back into the kitchen, the jug had melted and collapsed on itself.  I freaked out and started the much-more-difficult-than-I-thought search for glass storage.  Nine (yes nine) stores and a couple weeks later I finally found something.  I actually found two different options in two different stores on the same day. This first one I liked because it looks vintage.  It makes me think of days sipping ice tea while dripping in sweat on a wrap-around porch slowly swaying in solid wood rocking chairs.  The other option I have reminds me of my childhood, playing outside until dark and every house on the block had a jug of sun tea sitting out on a rock or tree stump brewing in the hottest hours of the day.  I intend on doing the same with my newly found $5 treasure.  Tonight I made a batch of strawberry black tea which is chilling in the fridge overnight and I can't wait to have a glass tomorrow.

We have a cabinet that is pretty much only for drinks, containing teas, coffees, travel mugs, straws for Munchkie, and other little random things.  We have all kinds of options for teas.  We tend to lean towards the combination slightly sweet ice tea blends.  I usually make a french press of plain, very strong black tea and a pot of flavored tea.  I then mix with 1/4-1/2 cup of pure honey, stir and then pour over ice and top off with water to fill the ice tea jug.  We recently visited a mind boggling tea store and have been enjoying the strawberry black tea I brought back with me.  If you are someone who even remotely likes tea, you have to check out Adagio Teas and see all of the options they have.  You can even order customized blends with flavors of Caramel Cinnamon Cream, A 'Chocolate Cupcake' Tea or Coconut Cream Paradise.  These sound amazing!

Do you have a favorite go-to drink?  What do you turn to when you need something cool and refreshing?

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