Back to the Aquarium and a Colorful Meal

Today I decided that our aquarium hiatus had come to an end and we were ready to return to the love of Munchkie's life.  I made the huge mistake of saying something this morning about going to the aquarium and that is all we heard about until she and I got our hands stamped with a green frog and walked in.  Her love for that place is ridiculous!  Even though she fell asleep in the car just 2 1/2 miles from the exit, as soon as she opened her eyes and knew where she was, she almost fell out of the car in excitement.  We had a fun time running around and seeing everything we could in a couple hours time.

After we got home and Munchkie was completely crashed I started working on dinner.  I had mixed together a half batch of no knead bread and left it out to rise while we were gone.  I got home and separated the dough into eight lumps to attempt making rolls, which turned out ok for rolls, but not great for hamburger buns (the crust is just too crunchy).  I think that my least favorite thing about healthy eating is the chopping.  Everything needs to be cleaned and chopped.  It takes much longer than you think (at least it does for me!).  Even though it took a little while, it was well worth it.  Eating turkey burgers on homemade rolls with a delightfully colorful and tasty salad complimented by ice tea while sitting outside was the perfect ending to a fun day.
Yep, Munchkie is eating peppers, tomatoes and shredded cheese, I tried to get her to eat the bread by slathering butter on it, she just licked the butter off and told me she was "all done".

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