New Home: "Bathroom"

I can not begin to describe how small our bathroom is.  It's small.  Like claustrophobic small.  I have to go to the bathroom with the door open so that my knees won't hit the door.  Poor Munchkie's Daddy has hit his head more times than he can count because of the slanted ceilings.  All of these have created some obstacles in creating a functioning bathroom.  I put the bathroom in quotations because the contents of the bathroom are spread out.

 Here is our very small bathroom.  My kind mother-in-law took our shower curtains, cut them and sewed them to fit the small and curved curtain rod. 
Munchkie's Daddy is pretending to take a shower so that you can see just how close his head is to the ceiling.
 If you come to visit me, I have, for the first time, a selection for guests who might have forgotten something.
 A Lazy Susan under the sink is able to hold some items to keep them close to the area of use.
 I found this corner shelving at Ikea to hold a few more items.
 This mirror was also from Ikea, because as you notice there is not a mirror by the sink, it's across the room which is incredibly inconvenient.
 If you need a bandaid or something more than a motrin, you'll have to go digging in our bedroom closet.  Another Ikea organizer is holding everything that couldn't fit in the bathroom.
And lastly, in the hallway between our bedroom and the living room are the bathroom towels in another shelving unit.

So there is my bathroom.  In it's tiny little glory.

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