The New NonMom 'Do

**You don't have to be a mom to take advantage of this great hair idea!**
My wonderful friend from Our Tiny House passed along a link to me on how to create curly/wavy hair in literally no time.  I tried it overnight last night and it truly was amazing.  Many times I have talked about my hair and so you know that I am always striving to find something fast and easy.

The Busy Mom Hair Trick That Changed My Life

It was so easy and after watching the video once I did what she said.  Here are the pictures that I took along the way.
 This was my hair air dried- not so great looking.
 All wrapped up and ready to go
 Side view
 This was what it looked like after sleeping on it all night.  Still pretty much the same as the day before.
 On a walk this morning to the farmer's market.
This was what the back looked like when we got back from the farmer's market.

UPDATE 9/6/11

I tried the hair thing a little differently.  I didn't like the way the back didn't get much wave.  So I put one headband on and took a top section of the back of my hair and wrapped it around the headband.  Then I wrapped my bangs around this headband the other direction.  Then I took the rest of my hair and wrapped it around a second headband.  I like these results much better.  It's just so easy! 

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  1. Thank you so so so so so much for sharing this info! You have no idea (well, maybe you do!) how sick I am of the daily ponytail. I am trying this tonight!