New Home: Munchkie's Room

My goal is to post a room a day this week.  This means that I need to get a room a day organized and decorated.  I am starting with Munchkie's room because it's so important for her to feel some normalcy in her life.  We've noticed that while she is one of the most adaptable kids you'll ever meet, she has been showing signs of the stress in our lives.  We have been having quite a few laying on the ground screaming moments and as we understand, it's usually due to a loss of control.  The busier we were, the more these moments reared their ugly faces which was incredibly inconvenient since we would be busy, but it was a very important reminder that we need to provide more normalcy.  So I did all I could to get her room together first. Here is the completed for now room.

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  1. Love. I really like the pink stripe. It makes the room!