One Room Down

I have one room completed in our move.  One room to satisfaction and it's by far the smallest room, with the bathroom coming in a close second.  My pantry is organized and hopefully it will stay that way.  It proved to take some creative planning and organization due to the fact that it was a furnace room with shelves.

I already showed my spice rack yesterday but today I completed the rest of my organization.

Thank you Walmart for having bins for under $2 that fit perfectly in the shelves.  The bottom bins were from Ikea.  I have all my nonperishables organized into different bins, I need to label them so we know what is in each bin while we get used to everything. 
Then, within each bin I tried to organize things as well.  I got these plastic containers for around $2 at Ikea and have all my "sides" in one bin- rice, pasta, lentils, and the powdered potatoes that Munchkie's Daddy has to have for the nights when I work.

Then I have some wire organization things, also from Walmart that I have baking supplies, snacks and breakfast foods.  Then another pull out basket thing from Target that i have vinegars, oils and other things that don't fit in other places.

This isn't part of my pantry, but I used some ideas from Pinterest for my organization here.  I got 5 magazine organizers for $1.50 at Ikea and used them to organize all of those bags, plastic wraps and foils.  Then a couple more bins for cleaning supplies.

With all of these things out of boxes, boxes out of my kitchen and everything in a place, it makes me feel much better.  I always feel much better when messes are hidden, organization is working and everything is clean.  I'm still working on the rest of the apartment.  But there is order in one part of my life right now, and that makes me happy.

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