Funny Munchkie

I love the conversations that we have had lately with Munchkie and the funny things she has said.  I wish sometimes that I could videotape everything. Here are a few funny moments that have happened lately.

Sitting at the dinner table the other night we were telling Munchkie's Nana about how she is such a big girl at school (daycare) and sleeps on a cot.  Munchkie (knodding her head) says yes she sleeps on a cot.  She said "sheet out" "on cot"  "sheet big sock" "yes big sock" "cover and bunny" and Munchkie's Daddy thought she was just saying words.  All of the sudden I realized that she was telling us that they take their sheets out of their pillowcases (big sock) and make their cots each day, then she has a blanket (cover) and bunny to sleep with. She was telling us all about sleeping on the cot.

Me:  Munchkie do you want to move into a new home?
Munchkie: Yeah ok!
Me: Where do you want to live?
Munchkie: Baby Harper, yeah ok!
Me: You want to live with Baby Harper?
Munchkie: Yeah!
Munchkie's Daddy:  What features (yes he said features) do you want in your new house? What do you want in your house?
Munchkie: ummmm, Baby Ryan!
Me:  You want Baby Ryan in your house?
Munchkie: yeah, ummm Baby Yay-na, Emmy n Efan baby, Elmo!
Munchkie's Daddy: so basically you want babies and Elmo in your new house?
Munchkie: yeah ok!

Munchkie was eating broccoli and took a bite, then looked at me and said "Abby brok-e Elmo brok-e" and I had to think for a minute but then realized that there is a scene in one of the Sesame Streets where Abby says she doesn't like broccoli but then other people tell her how they like broccoli and so then Abby sings this song.  You can not tell me that she doesn't learn from Sesame Street because I wondered why she had this sudden interest in broccoli and eats it over things like mac and cheese.

This morning Munchkie woke up and was sleeping in a pack 'n' play in our room so she stood up and looked at us.  She popped her little head over the side and said "go shopping? go shopping?" We had said we were going to go shopping tomorrow and she was excited.  Apparently so excited that she thought about it immediately when she woke up.

No matter what you are doing or where you are Munchkie says "doing?" asking what you are doing.  I ask her all the time what she's doing, sometimes because I am trying to figure out what she's playing and sometimes because I want to make sure she's not in trouble when out of eye sight.  So sitting on the couch, taking a bath, eating dinner, or riding in the car, you'll hear this little voice say "Mama doing?"

She will be playing in the living room, then come find you and say "sit Mama, sit" and then goes and pats the floor next to whatever she is playing with.  She wants us to sit and play with her and it's absolutely impossible to continue whatever you were previously doing.

And last but not least.  My heart skips a few beats when Munchkie comes up and says "kiss Mama" and then "la lou!" which means love you.

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