T Shirts Galore!

We have been spending a lot of time in the car lately.  Driving the five hours to the in-laws, twenty plus hours to see my family and multiple trips to and from our new home is helping me to be a little creative.  I have been finding crafts to do in the car using minimal supplies.  I have been cutting up t shirts that were headed towards a donation bin and trying out all of the ideas I've seen online using nothing more than scissors, a t shirt and sometimes needle and thread or a flourish.  I am pretty happy with what I've done so far and each thing seriously only takes minutes to make.  I take my time and look out the window often to drag out the projects because I know that I have a long time in the car and still get done quickly.  Here are some pictures of my recent crafts with the link on how to make each.  I cannot stress enough how ridiculously easy these are.  Especially the bottom one, you seriously just cut up a t shirt.

 I sewed my first flower to add to this one for Munchkie. 

Getting Crafty- Hipster Scarves

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