How Dreams Change....

I love Pinterest, I can not even tell you how many things I've done from there.  However, a lot of people have "boards" of their dream home.  These huge beautiful kitchens, elaborate bathrooms and immaculate yards.  It seems that every time I look at Pinterest I am bombarded by huge perfect homes.  I was talking with Munchkie's Daddy and we were laughing together over how much things change in a few short years.  I used to think that these houses were exactly what I wanted.  Room after room after room, rooms for all kinds of purposes.  Now, after having lived in a variety of interesting places (the best way to describe them) our desires in a home have changed.  I guess by the time Munchkie's Daddy is finished with school we will have even more ideas of what a dream home consists of, five more years of thinking about it may add some things to the list. 

Things in our dream home (Munchkie's Daddy is contributing to this)
  • A dishwasher (this is #1)
  • Weather proof (no drafts, and by drafts I mean snow drifts in the living room or having to wear coats inside)
  • Smallish yard - we don't like to spend our time doing yardwork
  • Closets that fit all of our clothes (and realistically we don't have that much)
  • A bathroom that is not in an awkward spot, like off the kitchen or dining room or really anywhere that food is.
  • A bathroom that has room to hang the families' towels.
  • A washer and dryer in an easily accessible place, but again, not in the dining room
  • If there are stairs to the washer and dryer, they are inside the house.
  • An office for Munchkie's Daddy so he doesn't have to sit behind a room divider with headphones on to study
  • To be able to stand up straight in the shower
  • Space to fit more than four people in a living room comfortably
  • A room that guests could actually sleep in and have a door
  • A garage so that we don't have to shovel out our car every snow storm
  • A full size refrigerator that will fit a gallon of milk
  • Solar energy so that electric and gas bills aren't sky high
  • Somewhere you can choose to make changes 
  • For cell phones to work inside.  Well maybe outside too.
For now we will be happy in our small cozy apartment and be thankful that there is less to clean.

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