The New Year is Underway GIVEAWAY

The last few years we have made Christmas presents for our family and friends.  It is something that I enjoy doing and something that I think about and plan for the entire year.  I am already starting to look up ideas for next year, just in case I find something that will be exceptionally time consuming or takes time to come together.  I also always make extra because I don't ever want to be empty handed.  I love to give gifts. 

This year we had to cut back, mostly because I am pretty sure that I single handedly keep my local post office in business.  I have a closet (and closet real estate is a very limited in our apartment) that has boxes of all sizes and shapes, as well as a few flat rate shipping boxes, that way they are ready to go whenever I need to mail something.  Since I am far from most of my loved ones, the USPS is my lifeline for giving.  Luckily since we've moved, the post office down the street doesn't know all that it missed out on this year since I have drastically cut back on my shipping.  This was very difficult for me, and so I think I'm having package sending withdrawals.  I am just itching to send something out. Now that Christmas is over, the New Year is underway and there are still various things taking up space on my kitchen counter, I am giving away the handmade items that have yet to find a home.   

So I have a GIVEAWAY of the homemade presents that we gave this year.  The handmade-with-love-in-our-kitchen items that may be in this giveaway:

  • D'Amaretti Biscotti
  • Candy Cane Biscotti with White Chocolate
  • Shaving Soap
  • Green Tea Body Butter
  • Bath Salts/Salt Scrub
  • Lip Balm
  • Friendship Tea
There will be TWO lucky winners!

To enter this Giveaway, please comment on this post with a way for me to contact you (email, Facebook, etc).  I will draw the winner out of a hat (literally) next Monday, the 16th- MLK day.   Then I will contact the winners and mail your packages out next week.

Good Luck! 


  1. how fun, i want to win:)
    you can contact me on FB!
    happy new year

  2. So I've been debating about whether or not to enter this... Don't want to be a gift Hof, but I love your homemade gifts! Where do you get your ideas/inspiration? I really need to start making gifts.

  3. That should definitely say gift hog.

  4. I love your homemade gifts of love!!!! I feel lucky! FB or text!! ( or just include it with your rent check and I'll get it:)

  5. I would love to sample some of your homemade gifts as I've never had a chance to sample them and would like to try to make some in the future.
    I love your creativity!
    You can contact me through fb Stacey

  6. You amaze me Amanda! I barely have time to shower and you do all this. I miss you.