Three. How Can It Be?

Munchkie's such a big girl now.  She's three.  I can't believe it.  She not even one little tiny part baby anymore.  Well, that's a lie, maybe when she's sleeping.  But she's such a little girl now.  I of course was going to just have a little family and friend get together for her birthday, and it just never turns out like that.  Our apartment is so small that our families wouldn't be able to fit, let alone comfortably fit in our living space so I have always had to find a place to have her birthday (she is going to be sorely disappointed the first year we have a house, or even a good size living room and she no longer has a party anywhere else).  Then I figure I'm renting a place, I might as well invite a few people to come.  And so, it is no longer a little get together.  Oh well.  She loves it.

Ok, and so do I.  I love the party planning. The baking and prepping and cake making.  Even though I sleep for three hours one day and 4 1/2 the next.  Tonight, I'm going to sleep like a baby, one that sleeps through the night for 13 hours straight without making a noise, not a newborn (I hope).  Because although it may have been three years, I still remember what those nights were like.

  Here are a few pics of her bday.

Of course a girl's gotta have yellow nail polish with red sparkles for a Curious George birthday!
Curious George cake, white cake mix with chocolate chips and peanut butter frosting and the hat is strawberry cake mix with lemon frosting and fondant (and I used a pyrex bowl to make three layers of cake then cut them down for the hat)

"Grown up food" and I used bananas at the last minute as food description "cards"

Coloring a Curious George picture

Yummy lunch provided by the zoo

Beyond thrilled to being sung Happy Birthday

Strawberry lemonade cake with a version of banana ice cream
Our family with the king of the jungle

Happy Birthday Munchkie!  I love you soooooo much!

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