Two Going on Tween

With all the change that is happening in our lives it feels like things are moving so fast.  I feel like my life is rapidly changing and evolving into something unrecognizable.  I am overcome with all kinds of emotions every day.  The array of emotions include fear, excitement, anxiety, sadness, anticipation, and stress.  Tonight I was watching TV and there was a commercial for Mother's Day and I actually had to choke back tears.  There was a teenager in the commercial and I had visions of my little Munchkie as a teenager.  It feels like life is moving so fast that this day will come much sooner than I would like.  Each day Munchkie is expressing more of an attitude and temper tantrums that really show she's no longer my little baby.  This is such a difficult realization.  I know that I am being a little overly dramatic about her being a teenager soon, but things are moving fast.  I just love my Munchkie so much and even though each day seems better than the last, I don't want the days to fly.

How do you savor each moment?  How do you prevent the days, months and years from flying by?

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