No Time to Wash My Hair

My hair this morning when I got home.
The other day when I was getting my hair cut my hair girl was telling me to try out dry shampoo.  I had heard of this before, but she said that there are many brands out there that have a version, including Suave.  I brought some a little while ago for $2-$3 and decided to try it out last night before I went into work.  I last washed it Friday morning in the shower, sprayed it in my hair yesterday evening and am heading to bed now after a night of work.  I have to say, my hair does not look greasy at all.  I think I went a little crazy spraying it, and probably could have used a fraction of what I did use, so it made my hair feel a little funny.  My scalp was also itchy, which is usually is, and I also don't know if it was as much physically itchy as it was psychological because I knew there was something there.  I don't usually use any kind of product besides some leave in conditioner or antifrizz cream so I'm not used to having stuff in my hair.  I'm definitely going to be trying it again because it cut so much time off getting ready.

 This is what the back says:

This dry shampoo spray, with mineral clay, refreshes hair to prevent a greasy feel between washes.

Stylist recommendation
Shake can well.  Hold 8-10 inches from hair.  Spray directly on oily roots.  Use heat from the palm of your hand to rub in excess powder.  For oil prone hair, apply on first day hair is washed to give extra volume and texture as well as to absorb oil throughout the day.

This makes me think that if you have oily hair you can also use this after you dry and style your hair to keep it fresh looking throughout the day.

If anyone tries this out, let me know what you think.  I'm interested to hear!

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