Oven Free Homemade Pizza

What happens when you don't have a working oven and haven't had one for a few weeks now.  You can't (or at least shouldn't) get take out every night and there is only so many nights that you can cook chicken on the stove top.  Munchkie's Daddy was really feeling pizza, so we decided to get creative.  For Munchkie's birthday we made individual pizzas and so we did the same tonight. 

Normally we would make our own pizza dough, but since there was no oven to cook that dough, we used some sandwich thins that were left over from last week. Then some pizza sauce was added, reduced fat cheese sprinkled on top and turkey pepperoni strategically placed.  Into the toaster oven it went, set up the temp to 400 degrees and a few minutes later once the cheese was melted and bubbling it was finished.

Easy, quick and actually not too unhealthy, compared to a piece of pizza from the deli down the street.

Per individual pizza (approximate)
Calories 220
Fat 8.5
Carbs 25
Fiber 6
Protein 16

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