Three Years and Gone

My three year relationship is now over.  Some days it was love, some days it was hate, and most days it was work.  Goodbye long hair.  I doubt you will be missed all that much.  I am loving my new freedom.  My scalp almost immediately started feeling better, it could actually breath for the first time in years.  The bathtub drain has made it through several showers and the water is still draining, this hasn't happened in a long time.  It takes me just minutes to do my hair.  AND I can still put my hair in a pony tail, a stubby one, but still, a pony tail.

The lesson that I have learned in the last week is that if you are feeling lonely and like no one in your world notices you, do something drastic to your appearance.  If you do so, people who you didn't even think knew you existed feel the need to say something. 

Remember this picture?
Munchkie took this for me, I think it's the last real picture of how long my hair was.

Then I saw this picture on Hair Romance
Photo from Hair Romance
on a Short Cut Saturday post about the new bob.  I fell in love and decided that this was the low maintenance hairstyle that I've wanted and searched for without even knowing it.

So Munchkie and I trotted 2 1/2 hours away to my favorite hair girl ever, she's cut my hair for 3 1/2 years and I wasn't going to trust anyone else to create such a look for me.
Munchkie was happy to take yet another picture of me, to show off my last few minutes with long hair.  We had a hard time getting a picture with me actually in it, or at least all of my head in it.  So the fact that this one is out of focus kind of had to be overlooked.
I know that to some this may seem like nothing, but this was a huge feat for my ridiculously thick and "naturally nasty" (not curly, not straight just frizzy and annoying) hair to accomplish.  Growing this long hair took a lot of effort.  Even on this day, a rainy, humid an dreary day my hair could not be contained into a nice straight 'do.

So I put my hair into the very capable and talented hands of my trusted hairstylist and she yet again delivered amazing results.

Since I was going for such a drastic change, she initially did the cut straight and smooth to ensure that everything was even, adequately thinned and overall perfect.  I was happy with this result, before I even attempted to make it look like the picture.

While I watched her select and separate sections of my hair I began to notice the increasing amount of gray hairs covering my head.  They were especially noticeable due to the home dye job I did a few months ago that was horribly grown out.  I was freaking out with each section she pulled up, exposing my roots.  So I had to come home and dig out the remaining bogo box of hair dye that I had stored away and cover those signs of premature aging.  This also gave me the perfect opportunity to try out the wavy look of the inspiration hairstyle.

I would say that for trying out a wavy style for the first time in quite a few months, my hair cooperated pretty well.  Not quite the exact look of the picture, but I still liked it a lot.
I think that it so much more manageable now.  I can have a decent hairstyle with only a few minutes of effort and look good enough to go out on a date with my love.  This makes all of us happy.  Even if Munchkie's Daddy did have a few moments of mourning the night before the big chop.  He may not love this new look like I do, but he has to love the decreased amount of time that it takes for me to get out the door.

I still need to work on the soft, natural looking waves of my inspiration picture, but with my frizzy hair, I need frizz controlling products, which don't always create soft and natural waves.  I will keep working on this and see what I can do.

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