Safety First

Living in a city with a child has some challenges.  Transportation becomes a little bit trickier than hopping on a bus or subway and walking where you need to go.  Several times when we go somewhere I have decided to ditch the stroller and have Munchkie walk.  I have learned how to have a firm grasp on her for safety.  For when we're getting on and off the subway at rush hour, when she's not paying attention to the uneven brick sidewalk, when we're in the aquarium during field trip day, when she tries to pull away or getting on and off a bus with my other arm full of things.  There are many time when I have been so thankful to be holding on so firmly, we could easily have been separated or she could have fallen.

The trick is in the pinky.  I wrap my pinky around her wrist creating a very secure grip.  This way I can hold on to her hand even if she lets go.  There's no slipping out of my grasp and it makes me feel a lot more comfortable with adventuring out with an active little girl.

I highly recommend getting this grip down and using it in crowded situations.  It can help you have a little piece of mind while you are searching for other dangerous situations your child could get into.

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