How Does Your Garden Grow?

Today we finally planted our "garden" and Munchkie was thrilled.  I was going to plant seeds, because I sometimes am just not smart.  I thought that my black thumb would suddenly turn green and something would actually grow.  But then the marigolds that we planted from seeds shriveled up and slumped over, and I saw her friends'  marigolds all flourishing.   So forget that seed idea, we're going for plants.  Bypassing seedlings and going straight for the plants.

It was a great idea and a lot of fun to pot the plants.  Very rewarding to see the plants in the pots already, not just pots with plain brown dirt.  Maybe with any luck we might actually be able to eat something from our potted plants.  Hopefully the three year old who seriously never forgets anything will remember to water them.
 Filling up our pots- she was such a good helper!
 She planted her lettuce seeds and got to choose where ever she wanted to put her pot.

Then we had to water all of the plants once they were planted.
 She had a lot of watering to do and gave each plant an equal amount.
 She said "now that all of the plants got water to drink I need some water to drink!  I'm thiiiiirsty!"
And this was her face.
 I told Munchkie that she could pick any flower that she wanted, but when I showed her what the snapdragon could do, she wouldn't look at any other plant. I told her how my Grammy used to call me her snap dragon and would plant them in her garden.  I also told her how Mimi planted them too.

 She picked out what colors she wanted the snap dragons to be.
This was one of my very pretty Easter basket flowers.
Munchkie is going to try to grow some strawberries, I think we may end up dropping some strawberries into the pot and saying that they grew.  I don't have high hopes for this.
 I heart basil.
And cilantro!  My mouth just waters thinking of fresh tomato salsa.
Hopefully this will produce some tomatoes to make that fresh tomato salsa.

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