Fast, Easy Frugal Hair Care

Doing my hair is the most time consuming part of my day. It makes me not want to shower because then I dread actually having to do my hair. It takes me so long that Munchkie's Daddy actually suggested that I have a straightening treatment done so that I don't have to be late everywhere I go. I have done this several times and it lasts about six months each time. However, at first I was just a new mom that was so happy to have easy nice looking hair. Then I started to think about all of the chemicals that were being used to create this smooth, shiny hair and started to become hesitant about going through with it again. Then my hair started to fall out. I am very sure that these treatments had something to do with my hair loss. Needless to say, I needed to find another easy alternative.

I sent a message to my hair stylist asking about my options for my hair besides chopping it all off. She suggested I try doing the wave look and sent me a you tube video of how to do it. I tried to do the scrunching hair style and was extremely hesitant about it. I thought that with my previous hair treatments I would never be able to make it work. I found some curl enhancing mousse and sprunch spray to try and was surprised that it actually somewhat turned out.

I have been doing this hairstyle every single day since the first day that I tried.  It literally takes me minutes and may not look amazing, but it looks fine.  My sister in law is staying with us for a few days and brought with her a spray that she uses for her scrunch and go hair.  She said that she bought some online and then saw on a morning show something about making your own salt spray.  She went online and found a recipe to make.  I tried it this morning and was amazed at the results.  Her spray which costs her literally cents, gave my hair more curl than the mousse that I had purchased at the store.  I will be making my own needless to say!

Sea Salt Spray
1 teaspoon sea salt
8oz distilled or purified water
1/2 teaspoon conditioner (coconut for a beachy smell)
1/2 teaspoon (approximately) hair gel

Shake well and spray on damp hair.  Scrunch and twirl to create waves.

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