Where Oh Where Do My Spices Go?

We are in the process of moving.  It seems to be a forever long process of eliminating boxes and finding places for things.  We did narrow down a lot of our belongings, but it still doesn't quite seem to fit.  Get ready to gasp, Munchkie's Daddy and I are sharing a closet.  I'm not talking a walk in closet either.  We are learning that we need to change quite a few things in our lives.  I thought we had done a good job of weeding out our belongings, but when they wouldn't all fit on a 17 foot truck I realized that I am going to have to become a master of organization and weed out even further.

When coming to the apartment a few days before we moved my sister-in-law noticed that there were no above counter cabinets in my new kitchen.  Something you think isn't that big of a deal, but it's actually quite a pain.  Do you want to crouch down on the ground to get a glass for a drink of water?  I bet you'll think twice if you have to get on your hands and knees to grab a snack.  I have a lot of spices and we like to throw a little bit of this and a little of that in when we cook.  It would not be practical at all to crouch down to figure out what I would want to throw into a dish.  My thought was to use a shoe organizer on the door to organize my spices.  The shoe organizer was $5 with 24 clear pockets and an over the door spice rack that would have held somewhere around 16 spices was $17.74.  Tough decision.

We have this little area where the furnace is that I am going to use as a pantry and it has a door on it.  It's next to the stove, next to the counter that I will use to prep and it's by all the other food.  Perfect.  I literally just threw the spices in for right now just to get a box off the floor.  I have to go through and organize them, but for now they are put away and not taking any of my precious cabinet space.  I'm pretty happy with my creation.

Hopefully soon when I can sit for a couple minutes without jumping up to do something else or thinking that I should be doing something else I can write more. 

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