Another T Shirt Idea

I am busy packing up everything I own.  Everything I, Munchkie's Daddy and Munchkie own to be exact.  It's a lot of stuff.  Our tag sale didn't really get go as well as planned, so we're going to drop a huge load of stuff off at a donation center once our new friend Irene decides to move on to play with other innocent people.  

Once I can locate some t shirts I am going to be doing this to most of them.  After loosing some weight, they all look ridiculous.  Not that I want to be wearing t shirts all the time, but I would like to occasionally wear them and be able to leave the house.   Here's a way to do it without anything more than a little bit of time, a large t shirt and a pair of scissors. 

Connect the Dotsons: DIY - Husbands Large T-shirt to fitted: I have been married for four years, all of which my husband has been a coach for the Eagles. I will embarrassingly admit that I do not own ...

Update 9/8/11

I pulled out a t-shirt and while watching a rerun of L&O SVU I followed the blog from the link above.  The t-shirt went from just for bed to maybe I'll wear it outside of the house now.

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