Pinterest Perfect Nails

I have always loved to paint my nails.  My frustration is always how sloppy I am.  I can never get that polish on my nails only.  I seem to get it all over and usually have to spend some time picking away at my fingers.  I saw a tip on Pinterest that has changed my nail polishing life. 
The tip on Pinterest suggested to put vasoline around your nailbeds before you start applying the polish.  I don't really like petroleum jelly because it's make from petroleum, a byproduct of oil (petrol).  We tend to use Aquaphor in our house because instead of being petroleum based, it's water based, hence the "aqua" of the Aquaphor.  Water scares me a lot less than oil. 

Once you use the q-tip to apply the Aquaphor onto the skin (not on the actual nail) when you paint your nails they are perfect.  I don't even know how to explain it, the polish only stays on your nails.  It's not even like it beads up or slides off the Aquaphor, it just doesn't stick.  It's great. 

It makes me want to keep my nails painted all of the time.  When I can throw on a coat of nail polish and run out the door, it's a wonderful thing.  And the thing that's even better, the Aquaphor really helps the skin around your nails.
So thank you Pinterest for a great little tip that makes me life a little better.

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  1. Great tip - your nails look lovely! But just FYI, the active ingredient in Aquaphor is petrolatum which IS also a petroleum by-product.