Food to Feed a New Family

A family in our church just recently had a baby and so I wanted to bring food for the family.  I remember how much we ate out when we first had Munchkie.  The thought of prepping, cooking and then cleaning was too much to think about.  Now whenever I can I like to bring food to families with new babies.  It's hard enough to survive through the extreme sleep exhaustion let alone eat well.  I'm sure there are super moms out there that can hold it all together, but I sure am not one of them.

Thanks to Pinterest for almost all of my great ideas these days.  I saw this super cute idea a while back and kept it in the back of my mind to create.  Unfortunately I apparently didn't have my memory card in my camera when I took a bunch of pictures, so they were lost.  But how genius is it to make divided plates out of ice cube trays.  This family that we brought food to had a higher need for lunch meals more than evening meals, so I thought of what Munchkie would love for lunch.  I also know that to eat healthy takes prep and how difficult it would be to do that prep for two toddlers while caring for a new
 baby.  So these ice cube trays have cut up veggies and fruit, cheddar bunnies, small pieces of cheese and yogurt covered raisins.  I used Glad Press'n'Seal to seal the tops, when it is lunch time, the kids can just grab a tray, pull the top off and have a quick, easy, kid friendly lunch.
I obviously couldn't forget the parents, so I brought containers of precut veggies, hummus and some pita from the Lebanese store down the street.  I figured that these were foods that could be eaten with one hand if the other needed to be holding a baby.
I also threw in some soups that I had already made and a loaf of bread from the bakery down the street.  I'm not exactly sure how the family felt about the food and if it worked out for them, but I thought that I would have loved having some easy to grab healthy options.

I think that this will be my new go to meal options for new families.

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