On-the-Road Project

I saw a post about making headbands on a blog I just recently discovered.  I don't usually tend to wear headbands because I can not usually find any that are strong enough to hold back my super thick hair.  Especially at work I think that I should wear headbands more often because it's the worst to be in a germy room, hunched over a patient and have your hair fall in your face.  The last thing I want to do is to reach up with my now germy hand and touch my hair and face.  The thought has crossed my mind several times that I wish that I had a headband.
Munchkie also has bangs that are so thick that by just walking outside her face turns bright red and the bangs start getting damp with sweat.  I intend on growing her bangs out and think that during this process headbands are pretty essential.  That is, if I can get her to keep them on her head. 

I'm trying to come up with some things that I can entertain myself with during our really long car ride that is coming up soon.  These headbands seem so easy and quick that I can hopefully pound out a few of them before we even get to the Midwest.
Photo by Our Tiny House, used with permission

My friend just recently made some for herself and also a super cute headband for her baby with some tshirt material as well.  They are so cute and look so good on both of their heads it really made me think that I need to get in on this headband action.
Our Tiny House's Braided Headbands

And how cute are these little bow tshirt headbands?
Our Tiny House's Bow Headbands

Check our her blog, she has all kinds of cool craft projects!

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