Goooodbyyyyyye Diapers....... I hope!

Last week when Munchkie's Daddy and Munchkie came to pick me up from work Munchkie's Daddy was telling me about how Munchkie had pooped in her diaper that morning.  So I said to her "Munchkie why did you poop in your pants?"  to which she responded while shrugging her shoulders "diapy on."  At that moment I knew that there was no need for diapers anymore.  Munchkie was perfectly capable of using the potty, but knew that she could be lazy and go in her diaper, so she did.  At home we had been trying to use undies, but at daycare we were sending her in diapers because I was afraid she would have too many accidents.   They finally told me that I needed to stop confusing her, that they are called accidents for a reason.  So, we sent her in underwear on Thursday.  I have at least 5 pairs of underwear, 6-7 outfits and 7+ pairs of socks in her bin at daycare, just in case, as required.  But I was still quite nervous.  And GUESS WHAT!  She came home in the exact same pair of underwear and pants that we sent her in!  I was so excited and so proud of her.

Today, I had several errands to run, but knew that I couldn't confuse her with diapers again.  I decided to be prepared and go with the understanding that my plans might change very quickly.  We first had to go to Target after dropping Munchkie's Daddy off at work.  Two stops to the potty there, with no results, but we left dry, so that was ok.  At Target I purchased a "piddle pad" for her car seat.  I've learned several times what a pain taking apart that carseat is! A waterproof pad couldn't hurt right?

During our parent-teacher conferences (yes, for our 2 year old), Munchkie's teacher said that it's a good idea to keep a potty in your car for times that there isn't a bathroom available or the public bathroom option is scaaaaary.  We obviously followed the experienced teacher's suggestion and put a small potty in the back of our car.
Today I got it all ready for our day of activities.  I have a small bucket of extra undies and a bucket of extra pants.  A waterproof mat and the toilet all set up.  I also have a package of wipes specifically for the car.  The best part is, we didn't even have to use it!  Yay!  We went through our entire day without any accidents!

Munchkie even said one time when we were just approaching the frozen food aisle "potty time Mama."  So I of course raced to the customer service to leave my cart, raced to the bathroom and came out of the experience with dry pants.

Now, I am completely expecting accidents to happen.  But I think that we have an underwear wearing toddler on our hands now.  I am so proud of her and so glad to be close to ditching the diapers.  I know we haven't been as dedicated to the potty training as we should have been probably, but it seems that now Munchkie is really ready.  She can tell when she has to go, and almost every time we put her on the potty she does go.  Sometimes we hear "too working!"  which translates, "it's not working," and so we give her something to drink and try again in a little while.

We also started using the sticker chart because I have found stickers all over our house in all kinds of inappropriate places.  On walls, washed onto shirts, on pieces of furniture and in coffee cups.  I hope that soon we will have this whole chart filled.

Anyone have any additional tips for potty training?  Since we are just winging this and trying to figure it out for ourselves, any advice is MUCH appreciated!

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