Everything is Awesome! - a Lego party for Girls AND Boys

It's been a very long time since I've written a blog post.  My cute little Munchkie turned six and a big party was thrown for her and her sister, Chunka, who just turned ONE YEAR OLD on Saturday. During the party planning process I was getting so angry because everything I found said "best boys party ideas," "Lego party for boys" or "games for boys' Lego parties."  This motivated me to throw a great Lego party for two girls and start back blogging to show the Pinterest world that you can have the best Lego party ever for girls (and boys).

Welcome to our party!
 I used a super cheap ($1ish) plastic tablecloth and taped paper plates of the same color to the tablecloth to make a door covering. I did the same thing for the photo booth.
Our house is in party mode!  Yellow totes from Oriental Trading got an upgrade with a black fabric marker. Inside of each tote was a free printable I found of a word search and a color yourself as a minifigure. 
Each child had a name tag that they wrote their name on so that they were a master builder.

 We had a photo booth set up in the corner with photo props I found at Target for a few dollars. After getting their picture taken, they decorated a foam picture frame.  While the kids were eating, Munchkie and Chunka's Dad ran to CVS to print the pictures off.

Since the party was for a one year old and a six year old there were a wide range of ages invited.  I had a "baby ball and block pit" for the babies, but it turns out that all the kids wanted to play with the blocks.  While we were waiting for everyone to arrive, the kids decorated picture frames and played with blocks while the adults all chatted and got to know each other.
 Thank you Target for having some "building block" decorations for just a few dollars. I didn't have to make a lego block banner, and Munchkie's Mimi oh so kindly cut out circles and rectangles to make all kinds of other decorations.

Munchkie very proudly created this collage of Legos that Mimi had cut out and put together.  She used a circle cutter to create the circles and some foam glue dots to create some dimension to the blocks

Chunka had her own little birthday thrown since she was celebrating her first birthday (and on her actual birthday too!)  She wasn't so interested in her smash cake, she was pretty creeped out by the texture of the cool whip frosting. 

I chose to have the kids eat partway through the party and then eat the cake at the very end. We had pepperoni pizza (cheese with cheddar cheese circles for the vegetarians) that looked like Lego blocks with grapes, veggies and popcorn for lunch. I made a very simple pasta with a pesto topping (on the side) for the adults to eat so there were plenty of pizza Legos for the kiddos.
We continued with more games and crafts after lunch. Pin the smile on the Lego guy was a huge hit. Each smile placed in a funny spot brought peels of laughter. The bean bag toss brought out the competitive nature in the kids, but luckily there were no prizes and we all cheered for each child's 

We did two different crafts after lunch as well.  Munchkie and Chunka's Daddy had used his smallest drill bit to drill two holes into small flat Lego pieces.  I then threaded string through the holes (this was no easy task I realized!) so that the kids could choose to braid the three strings if they were able, or just put beads on to make a bracelet. Then the kids each made a terrarium using a Megablock, some beads, a little plastic animal and an airplant. I made sure to send each kid home with instructions on watering their plant and a tiny spray bottle (super cheap on Amazon.com).

 We used the leftovers to create a "jungle" terrarium.

Now, the real birthday cake was my pride and joy. Due to a nasty stomach bug that swept through our house the weekend before, the party had to be  rescheduled. I considered the cake that I had to dump in the trash (with some tears) my practice so this cake turned out even better than the first.

Munchkie had seen a similar picture to this on Pinterest and decided that she really wanted a cake just like it.  While mine does not look as good as the original, I think that it still turned out pretty good.  A friend from work let me borrow some silicone block and minifigure molds, so I used candy melts to create the blocks.  I also used fondant to cover the cake, which was Funfetti with buttercream frosting. Since it was both Lent and pretty gluten-ful I did not try it, but I heard it tasted pretty good too.

So there you go.  A super fun Lego birthday for two girls that was enjoyed by both girls and boys of all ages.  

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